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Welcome to 121 Fitness

At 1-2-1 Fitness I have created a unique gym space to enable a wide range of training programs to be delivered effectively and safely. Busy commercial gyms can often feel intimidating and overwhelming initially although good in their own right I wanted to create a space that was dedicated to the client and their trainer exclusively.

The studio space comprises of a large free open training floor area in Studio One.

Studio 2 is a gym training room containing the fundamental training equipment and apparatus to suit all clients training programs.

– A sports massage therapy room.
– Changing room and shower facilities.

As a qualified personal trainer I am dedicated to my clients achieving and maintaining their fitness goals. your training program will be tailored to your specific fitness goals and individual sessions will be reviewed each time to ensure an effective training program is maintained.

I would encourage anyone who is contemplating a fitness program or exercise class of any kind to visit me at my studio to further discuss their requirements.

There is of course no obligation and I’m always happy to chat.

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    well plate

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